The Rehab Center That Has Modern Facilities

Drugs are not dangerous when ingested in small amounts but it may pose an extreme danger if it consumed in larger portions. Opium and marijuana has certain medicinal properties and the doctors in the western countries prescribe these substances in lower proportions as a pain reliever. But drugs should not be taken more than the prescribed limits else the patients will become an addict. There are hundreds of drug addicts in the world who are finding very difficult to cope up with the side-effects. The college students and youngsters fall prey to drugs and use them in many ways. They inject through their veins or use them as snuff. Once a normal person takes drugs regularly he will not only fall sick but will suffer from convulsions, extreme stress, restlessness, extreme anger and other diseases. Family members or the society will be unable to control them and seclude these people totally. This extreme seclusion and loneliness will only make the situation worse. The individuals who are exposed to drugs for a long run will suffer from both physical and psychosomatic problems. In the worst situation the family members will lock the addicts in the room for number of days.

Drug Addicts Will Get Best Solution

There are different types of drugs namely cocaine, marijuana, cannabis, heroin and several other inhalants that will damage the organs in the long run. Hundreds of drug addicts have even died during the treatment procedure. If the addicts are not getting proper treatment the family members should endeavor to bring them to this drug rehab center that has ultra modern labs, rooms, facilities, equipments and tools. The doctors working here are extremely talented and best listeners. They love the drug addicts and take care of them till they are completely cured. Many do not understand the drug addicts are also human beings with same pain and suffering what normal person has. The staff nurse, maids, executives and others will respect the thoughts of the addicts and treat them with utmost care. They will sit with the addicts and nurture them with care. This alcohol treatment center is very popular in the city and has cured hundreds of liquor and drug addicts in the past.

Different Types of Alkaline water Ionizer

At this moment, there are really a lesser number of characteristic assets, for example, estuaries, lakes and waterways, streams thus on these days. The greater part of these assets are quickly getting disintegrated by man-made circumstances, for example, industrialization and additionally contamination et cetera. The vastly greater part of modern offices have contributed in twisting of every single regular asset by a method for disposing of off waste materials into oceans wrecking seagoing presence. People may just manage these exercises by expending antacid water. Surviving has truly turned out to be expensive, thus, making even packaged liquids not reachable to numerous people.

Various types of Alkaline water machine

Ionization innovation is a procedure that utilizations minerals and also electrical energy to shatter fluid substances to corrosive and antacid. It is a careful methodology that will totally evacuate polluting influences of fluids. Innumerable have certainly esteemed a dominant part of these positive viewpoints by utilizing ionizer machines, which is moreover a peaceful machine. There are two noteworthy sorts of ionizers. Mechanized driven ionizers are exceptionally prominent nowadays. One other sort would be the mineral, organized ionizer which uses magnesium amalgams to detoxify fluids. Mineral ionizers are finding its direction towards about all family homes at present. Reason is that they don’t require an electric source to perform, a trademark which makes perfect for segments that don’t have electrical force. Mineral based alkaline water ionizer has various advantages. One of the advantages is worth for cash a component that has made it smoother for the vast majority to procure. Another favorable position is that it won’t request electrical force, making it move. It additionally upgrades the water with minerals, which are completely indispensable for standard body execution. At long last the thought will kill exorbitant acids in the body and supporting the body recharged with water consistently. A generous part of the human body is comprised of fluids and that is the motivation behind why it is crucial to always expend drinking water and in addition deal with it.

How PhenQ is all in one fat burning solution for humans

When you want to be fit and need to follow the best diet control, you just take the best weight loss pill in a daily manner. Now days, a demand for the diet pills has been rapidly increased because many men and women have obesity problems and belly fat. With these issues, their overall appearance and health will be completely damaged. In order to reduce your weight and burn fat, you can consume Phenq diet pill currently existing in the market. The phenq is one of the popular and widely used fat burners by most of the people with the different obesity issues. It is completely safe diet pill with only proven and safe ingredients such as Capsimax powder, Caffeine, Calcium Carbonate, Chromium Picolinate, L-Carnitine Furmarate, and Nopal. These ingredients provide several health benefits by reducing fat to reduce overall body weight.

Benefits of PhenQ:

In order to understand complete benefits of this fat burner, you should need to read Phenq Reviews online. They may help you in understanding everything about this diet pill. The phenq is the most powerful innovative slimming formula with the combination of so many weight loss results.

  • It is a new unique slimming product for the best weight loss results.
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This phenq provides the best power of so many weight loss supplements just in a single pill for your fast and expected fat burning results. By taking phenq, you can get your weight loss goal within a few weeks.

Global Chemotherapy Machine Market 2016 Industry Size, Growth, Share, Analysis and Forecast to 2021

The Global Chemotherapy Machine Consumption 2016 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Chemotherapy Machine market.
Global Chemotherapy Machine Industry 2016 Market Size Share Growth Forecast Research and Development

The Global Chemotherapy Machine Industry report gives a comprehensive account of the Global Chemotherapy Machine market. Details such as the size, key players, segmentation, SWOT analysis, most influential trends, and business environment of the market are mentioned in this report. Furthermore, this report features tables and figures that render a clear perspective of the Chemotherapy Machine market. The report features an up-to-date data on key companies’ product details, revenue figures, and sales. Furthermore, the details also gives the Global Chemotherapy Machine market revenue and its forecasts. The business model strategies of the key firms in the Chemotherapy Machine market are also included. Key strengths, weaknesses, and threats shaping the leading players in the market have also been included in this research report.

The report gives a detailed overview of the key segments in the market. The fastest and slowest growing market segments are covered in this report. The key emerging opportunities of the fastest growing Global Chemotherapy Machine market segments are also covered in this report. Each segments and sub-segments market size, share, and forecast are available in this report. Additionally, the region-wise segmentation and the trends driving the leading geographical region and the emerging region has been presented in this report.

The study on the Global Chemotherapy Machine market also features a history of the tactical mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, and partnerships activity in the market. Valuable recommendations by senior analysts about investing strategically in research and development can help new entrants or established players penetrate the emerging sectors in the Chemotherapy Machine market. Investors will gain a clear insight on the dominant players in this industry and their future forecasts. FurthermoreFeature Articles, readers will get a clear perspective on the high demand and the unmet needs of consumers that will enhance the growth of this market.

What Is The Best Herbal Product To Reduce Chemotherapy And Radiation Side Effects?

Chemotherapy refers to healing of disease by substances that destroy cells, particularly those of bacteria or cancer. Cansitol capsule is the best herbal product to reduce chemotherapy and radiation side effect.
The term ‘Cancer’ refers to a huge number of diseases in which a collection of cells show an irregular growth with an uncontainable partition beyond the standard boundaries. They have the capability to impose and demolish adjoining body tissues. Cancer cells have the capacity to extend throughout the body via blood and lymph to destroy the healthy tissues. To reduce the cancer one should use chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy refers to healing of disease by substances that destroy cells, particularly those of bacteria or cancer. Chemotherapy works by devastating cancer cells. Time period of the chemotherapy depends on the different kind of drugs as well as the sort of cancer to treat.

One of the best herbal products to reduce chemotherapy and radiation side effect is Cansitol capsule. It is one of the most popular natural remedies for cancer prepared by mixing important herbs. It is mainly useful in preventing brain cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, urinary bladder, lung cancer, throat, thyroid, metastasis bone, kidney cancer, skin cancer, etc.

Cansitol capsule is very effective in relieve pain, promote blood circulation and clear toxic material. It also helps to improve metabolism, encourage immunity and enhance essential energy. Cansitol capsule is natural and non toxic herbal prescriptions that treat the person. It works at the cellular level and helps out to detoxify your body system. Cansitol capsule is the best herbal product for cancer that reduces the side effect of chemotherapy and radiation.

Cansitol capsule is the best natural product of every kind of cancers. This herbal product for cancer is helpful in reducing all the side effects caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. People who are having the problem in consuming food may take Cansitol capsule. Even women who are suffer from gynecological problems, poor appetite or any kind of vaginal problems may also take Cansitol capsule to get good results.

Cansitol capsule has no metal or any sort of burn chemical that may affect human life. It is purely made by herbal remedies for the people who are suffering from cancer and also helps to reduce the chemotherapy and radiation effect. Cansitol capsule are useful in decrease tumors, restrictive growth signs of cancer and improving the body’s immunological capability. This herbal remedy assists to control cancer or helps to improve life quality and to expand life expectation. People can also take Cansitol capsule to reduce chemotherapy and radiation side effect. Take 2 capsules of Cansitol capsule two times in day with water every day for 2 to 3 months to prevent cancer and reduces the side effect of chemotherapy.

Along with Cansitol capsule you are also suggested to drink boil water. People who are suffering from cancer should stop eating sour food items throughout the treatment because the sour foods have acids which are already there in the body. Consuming sour foods without need adds extra acids to the body which are not required and will just obstruct the improvement made by Cansitol capsule. However papaya, coconut juicePsychology Articles, bananas and carrot can be taken to prevent cancer.

Studies Reveal that Acupuncture May Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects

Acupuncture, which dates as far back as the first millennium B.C., has been championed by practitioners, doctors, and patients as an effective vehicle for achieving balanced health. Acupuncture uses thin needles that are inserted just under the skin and left in place for about a half-hour.

According to Chinese medicine theory, acupuncture helps restore balance and a healthy energy flow within the body. Although scientists don’t fully understand how or why acupuncture works, some studies indicate that it may provide a number of medical benefits including the reduction of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

Chemotherapy is a treatment for cancers that involves administering chemicals into the body that are found toxic to malignant cells. Chemotherapy, often successful in treating malignant cancer cells, often produces intense side effects in the body. According to a review published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, certain types of acupuncture-point stimulation may relieve chemotherapy-induced nausea or vomiting. Despite significant progress over the past decade in controlling chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, more than half of all patients receiving chemotherapy still suffer from these side effects. Furthermore, nausea may persist when vomiting is controlled. These symptoms can be severely debilitating and often lead patients to refuse further courses of chemotherapy. Refusing chemotherapy can minimize the chance for optimal health outcome.

The acupuncture point thought to be associated with relief of nausea is P6, which is located on the wrist. This point can be stimulated through a variety of methods, including manual acupuncture (insertion of needles), electro-acupuncture (passing electric current through the inserted needle), noninvasive electro-stimulation (application of electric current without a needle), or acupressure (pressure applied by the fingers or an elastic wristband). Patients receiving high-dose chemotherapy found that electro-acupuncture treatments combined with anti-nausea medication were more effective than medication alone in controlling their chemo-related vomiting, according to a study reported in the Dec. 6 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association. According to cancer experts, the study adds to the evidence that non-traditional therapies can be helpful to patients suffering from side effects of chemotherapy. An increasing number of well-designed studies are focusing on complementary and alternative therapies.

Additional support for acupuncture to assist in alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy was offered at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, in December of 2000.

One hundred and four women who were undergoing high-dose chemotherapy prior to having bone marrow transplants received anti-nausea drugs. In addition, each woman received either electro-acupuncture once a day for five days, “minimal needling” with no electrical stimulation once a day for five days, or no additional therapy. The women who received electro-acupuncture experienced significantly less nausea and vomiting than the women who didn’t receive any needling, or who had only acupuncture. The women who received acupuncture without electrical stimulation also had less nausea and vomiting than the women who received no acupuncture.

The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium offered the following ‘take home message’: Acupuncture may help curb nausea, one of the most feared and debilitating side effects of high-dose chemotherapy. It may provide additional relief of nausea beyond what medication alone can achieve.

David Rosenthal, MD, Chair of the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) national advisory committee on complementary and alternative medicine, agrees that more research is merited. “The effects of this treatment might vary between different chemotherapy patient populations,” he says. “You would also like to know if the benefit is enough, not only in efficacy but in efficiency.” “Still,” he says, “Patients are finding that acupuncture can sometimes be effective in dealing with pain, nausea, and treatment of mucositis (ulcerations in the mouth).” Acupuncture treatment is being provided at many cancer centers, including the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, where Rosenthal is in charge of integrative therapies. “We began offering acupuncture a month ago and the appointments are already filled.” Rosenthal says.

Are Obese Women Getting Short-Changed By Chemotherapy Treatments?

How much chemotherapy does an obese woman need? Typically an obese woman with breast cancer would receive reduced doses of chemotherapy as they battle breast cancer.

Back in June of 2005, a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine concluded that obese women should receive chemotherapy based on their actual weight, and not in reduced as amounts as it the standard practice.

And now again a study presented in the August 2005 edition of Lancet claims that doctors should not reduce chemotherapy doses for obese women when no receptors for the hormone oestrogen have been found on the breast cancer cells. This type of cancer is called oestrogen-receptor negative.

Clinicians often reduce chemotherapy doses for obese patients because of worries about how the treatment may react with the patient and affect their overall health.

According to the study’s director Marco Colleoni of the European Institute of Oncology, Italy, and his colleagues, reducing the first course of chemotherapy for obese patients with oestrogen-receptor negative breast cancer proves “detrimental”.

Colleoni and his team looked at the relation between body-mass index (BMI), chemotherapy dose reduction, oestrogen receptor expression, and outcome for pre-menopausal women with breast cancer by examining data from four randomized trials.

They found that 97 out of 249 obese patients received less than 85% of protocol specified dose during the first course of chemotherapy compared with patients with normal and intermediate BMI.

Obese patients with oestrogen-receptor negative disease that received 85% or more of the first protocol specified dose had significantly better disease-free survival and overall survival than those who received less than 85% of the normally recommended dosage.

Yet, obese patients with oestrogen-receptor positive breast cancer who had reduced doses of chemotherapy did not have a significant difference in their outcome compared with those given the recommended chemotherapy doses.

And contrary to popular practice, the researchers also noticed that obese patients initially treated with protocol doses of chemotherapy did not have more toxicity than patients who received reduced doses.

Dr Marco Colleoni concluded that, “Our findings suggest that for women with ER-absent or ER-low tumours, reduction in chemotherapy dose should be avoided.”

The message for obese women coping with cancer is to be aware of your risks and rights. Ask your doctor will she recommend lower doses of chemotherapy for you based on your weight and ask why.

Chemotherapy – Should Refusing This Deadly Treatment For Your Child Be A Crime?

A charge of attempted murder, child endangerment, and assault and battery against your own child for refusing to continue to administer chemotherapy drugs even though the drugs are killing your young son. Could this happen in America? Unfortunately the answer is yes. It seems it is a crime in the United States to make a conscious decision to refuse this deadly treatment.

Imagine The Scenario For A Moment

Imagine the following scenario for just a moment and pretend you are a loving parent of your own nine year old son. I am in no way intimating that I know what could possible be going through the mind of any parent from start to finish but the following scenario is a very real possibility for anyone in the same type of circumstances.

Your child has been diagnosed with cancer. He looks perfectly fine to you but the dreaded C word strikes fear into your heart. You look at your child and wish that you could take his disease yourself but of course this is impossible. After hearing the news you make a feeble attempt at collecting yourself and choke out the question to your doctor, “What do I do?”

Your doctor informs you that this type of cancer has an 85 to 90 percent cure rate if he undergoes an intensive, two year treatment plan. Your a single mom and you receive very little help from the father so you are not sure how you will ever pay the price for this tremendously expensive treatment but what choice do you have?

You begin the agony of watching your son live through periodic hospitalizations, and frequent visits to the clinic for chemotherapy treatments. You watch helplessly as your child, who previous to the diagnosis months ago was seemingly healthy and thriving, to a person who you can now barely recognize. His hair has fallen out, he has lost an enormous amount of weight, he cannot hold down food and vomits all of the time, he lives in constant pain, and looks as though he is nothing short of dead. He doesn’t even have the strength to cry anymore. His look tells you that he would rather die than go through any more of this torture but he doesn’t have the strength to even mouth the words.

You look at your child whom you love so dearly and decide that there is absolutely no way he can survive another five months of chemotherapy. He is all but dead now and dies a little more with each treatment. You come to the realization that it is not the cancer that is killing him but rather it is the treatment. You think back to the time of the diagnosis when you were told that your precious child had cancer and then you remember the before and after pictures in your mind. You remember the time before his initial hospitalization when they blasted him with two weeks of chemotherapy treatments. You remember that this first phase of the treatment took your child from normal to nearly dead. You no longer think of this torture as treatment (it is more like murder) and you refuse to call it by any name that does not do justice to what is happening to your son. You reason that if the cancer actually does kill him it could not possibly be any worse than dying the slow painful death that hour by hour the chemotherapy treatments are exacting on his frail body. You decide to stop administering this chemical death to your precious child. Your child’s body is subsequently not able to overcome the (treatment) and he dies. Your grief and sorrow are unbearable, but at least his cruel suffering is over.

Attempted Murder, Child Endangerment, Assault And Battery

You cannot believe these charges are being leveled against you in a court of law in connection with your son’s death. These charges seem as barbaric as the treatment that your son was forced to undergo for many long and painful months. You have been in a constant state of shock since the initial diagnosis and now as the metal bars close and you are alone with your thoughts in your dark prison cell you are too numb to even cry. There are really no words to describe what you are going through but “utter anguish” and “total despair” probably work as well as any. Every waking moment is now lived in a fog and in your most lucid moments you pray that this is all just a horrible nightmare that you will soon awake from.

The Charges Have Been Leveled At The Wrong Person

Back to reality for a moment. A woman under these circumstances should not be the one sitting in a jail cell fighting for her life. These charges have been leveled at the wrong entity. The real criminals are the doctors who prescribe this brutal treatment that has an almost zero percent cure rate. The cancer industry should be on trial for piddling away 50 years and many billions of dollars in the so-called “search for the cure.” The state should be on trial for having the unmitigated gall to make it a law punishable by imprisonment when a loving mother makes the conscious choice not to put her precious child through this barbaric treatment which has killed almost everyone it has touched. And all this while natural health alternatives have enjoyed amazing success in not just putting this bodily imbalance into remission, but eliminating it forever.

What Does Cure Mean?

Cure means that you walk away free of cancer (not remission) and live a normal active healthy life for many many years after the diagnosis. Cure does not mean the same thing in the dictionaries of the average doctor and the cancer industry. Cure to these people means that you die just a little more slowly and painfully then supposedly you would without the treatment. Living an extra 3 months, albeit in pain and agony, is a success worthy of headlines in the eyes of these so-called doctors, and the cancer industry. Oh yeah, don’t forget that you have generally given your life savings to these kind doctors before death finally releases you from the agony of the treatment.

Chemotherapy VS. Natural Healing

Let’s do a little comparison. Chemotherapy attacks a cancerous tumor by destroying every cell in the vicinity and a whole bunch more that have nothing to do with the tumor. Chemotherapy utterly destroys your immune system and bathes your body (and liver) in a toxic chemical bath that makes it nearly impossible to survive. Check the statistics dear reader; nobody survives this barbaric treatment. The cause of the cancer is never even considered nor addressed and the so-called treatment never takes a whole body approach to healing. A tumor is merely isolated and attacked. In attacking the tumor (which is not the problem but only a symptom) the rest of your body is basically destroyed. If a cheerful disposition plays any part in healing you can pretty much forget about that very soon into this torturous treatment. It is hard to be cheery when all of your hair has fallen out, you experience uncontrollable vomiting, you don’t have the strength to smile, and you look like a zombie. This is chemotherapy and radiation folks and this is not negotiable.

Natural healing on the other hand has an incredible success rate and this even after some poor soul has almost been killed by the chemotherapy treatments that have made so many doctors rich. Natural healing takes a holistic approach which recognizes that cancer is not an isolated disease but is a whole body imbalance that can easily be corrected. At the risk of being oversimplified, natural healing practitioners have recognized that cancer is really not all that serious. The main thrust of healing consists of ridding the body of the toxins that have caused the imbalance and then strengthening the immune system through proper nutrition, exercise, sunshine and a cheerful attitude. It’s a body, soul and spirit (holistic) approach that can pretty much guarantee you a real cure. I don’t mean an extra 3 months of agony either, but a lifetime of the best health you have ever experienced.

The Cycle That Keeps You Sick

There is a definite reason that Americans have the highest cancer rate in the world. The cycle starts with the food industry who makes sure we ingest nothing but animal flesh, processed foods, soda pop, high fructose corn syrup, sodium nitrate in our processed meat, and a host of other chemical ingredients. These artificial foods made in a laboratory are purposely constructed to be very addicting. That is why America is the fattest nation on earth.

After ten or twenty years or so of this diet your body naturally rebels. Instead of the obvious which would be to bring your body back into balance through detoxification, good nutrition, and exercise, a pharmaceutical company jumps in to save the day by prescribing you yet another drug made in another laboratory which will mask the symptoms of the problems you are having because of your horrible unhealthy lifestyle. Finally your body succumbs to disease and that’s where the cancer industry and your doctor take over. They take you the rest of the way to your death through barbaric treatments such as chemotherapy. When you have finally exhausted your last dollar on these so-called treatments and are left a pauper and little more than the walking dead, you are pronounced terminal and sent home to die.

Save The Prison Cells For The Real Criminals

A loving parent should not be taking up valuable prison space that could be far better used for the real criminals in these types of cases. I am quite sure that if parents were made aware of the incredible success of natural healing that many of their children’s deaths caused by brutal chemotherapy treatments could be avoided. Unfortunately this information is suppressed by huge corporations who stand to lose way too much money if a cure for cancer were ever found. Well, the cure has been found and it is high time we put the real criminals behind bars and let poor souls like the woman on whom this article is based go home and mourn their child’s death in proper fashion.

My name is Mark Brohl and I am passionate about health issues, and the state of the health of our wonderful America. I believe the American diet is literally killing us and that a steady flow of money and perks from the meat, egg, and dairy industries to the U.S. government is the reason we have had a long sustained brainwashing campaign that has precipitated the shift from a predominantly plant-based diet to an animal-based diet. The result has been an unprecedented increase in heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancers of all varieties. I believe Americans are suffering from a lack of truthful information concerning our diets. I enjoy writing motivational articles that will help to correct the problem regarding this lack of information and also examine the prevailing misinformation in the light of truth.

Chemotherapy – Is This the Real Answer to Cancer?

Before agreeing to treatment, it is important to know what your treatment is. With this in mind, I entered below the main form of treatment used to treat cancer:

Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy was developed after scientists realized that the deadly mustard gas used in World War II to kill people – Cyclophosphamide – could kill rapidly dividing cells, such as cancer. The chemotherapy was killing all rapidly dividing cells (Our T and B cells responsible for our immune system is also selective, since they divide rapidly).

Let’s see what reputable scientists are saying about this product:

* Late Dr. Hardin Jones, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley in 1975 came to the conclusion after analyzing the statistics for survival of cancer for several decades that “patients are as well, or better, without trying.”

* Dr. Charles Moertel of the Mayo Clinic in Baltimore said that the main drug of chemotherapy, 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) only produces an objective response in 15 to 20% of patients. Even then, the improvements are only partial and temporary. This result is very poor outweighed by the toxicity of drugs and the disastrous emotional disturbances caused by side effects.

* A German epidemiologist Dr. Ulrich Abel studied most of the published reports on chemotherapy and wrote to a further 350 cancer centers and experts and said that “the success of most chemotherapy is terrible. There is no evidence its ability to expand in any significant way the lives of patients suffering from the most common cancer organic. ” It also said that “when a tumor mass partially or temporarily disappear, the tumor cells that remain can sometimes grow much faster later. Often, patients do not respond to chemotherapy survive longer than those who do.”

Dr. Abel also published the details of survival rates for patients with cancer treated with chemotherapy as follows:

* Bladder – There are no statistics available

* Mama – No evidence of an increase in life expectancy

* Cervical / uterine – No evidence of an increase in life expectancy

* Colorectal – No increase in life expectancy

* Gastric Cancer – No evidence of improvement

* Head & Neck – No improvement in life expectancy (tumors can be reduced)

* Ovary – No evidence of an increase in life expectancy

* Pancreas – More negative patients who were not treated

Depending on how it is used chemotherapy drug, side effects include nausea, vomiting, hair loss, potential damage to nerves and kidneys, hearing loss, seizures, bone marrow suppression, anemia, blindness, loss in motor function, thrombosis, mucositis, heart problems, the destruction of bile ducts, bone tissue death, restricted growth, infertility, decreased white and red cells, increased risk of leukemia (especially for women who received chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer), ovarian failure, early menopause, mal-absorption of lactose etc…

Chemotherapy often also destroys the patient’s liver and kidneys with their harmful effects and negative attacks your immune system.

Mechlorethamine, one of the drugs used are so toxic that the medical staff that manipulation is recommended to use gloves and avoid inhaling it.

A reference to the medical staff advised the handling of chemotherapy:

Potential risks involved in handling cytotoxic agents have become a concern for health workers. The literature reports of various symptoms such as eye, membranes and skin irritation and dizziness, nausea and headaches experienced by health workers who do not use safe handling precautions.

In addition, increasing concerns about mutagenesis and teratogenesis [deformed babies] continue to be investigated. Many chemotherapy agents, alkylating agents, in particular, are known to be carcinogenic [cancer causing] in therapeutic doses.

Medical personnel handling these drugs are advised to use double latex gloves, masks, goggles and gown. Surprisingly, the needles used to inject the lethal drug that is classified as “hazardous waste”! Incredible when we are told that this drug will cure cancer ours.

The medical journal (Lancet 1998) stated that irinotecan, a chemotherapy drug only extends survival by about 3 months, but with many side effects.

Chemotherapy also is useless to help with liver metastases (Arch Med Res, 1998). However, it has been shown to enhance the lives of patients suffering from ovarian cancer for a few years and that of patients with lung cancer for a few months.

Treatment of Hodgkin’s disease with chemotherapy has also shown positive results. However, girls treated this way also have a 35% chance of developing breast cancer in later life. All children treated this way are also 18 times more likely to develop secondary tumors.

As chemotherapy has been shown to be (1) carcinogens (2) immuno-suppressive (3) toxic (4) useless, why then is that doctors prescribe to maintain?

The answer is very simple: they do not know what else to do and who want to keep in line with what other doctors do. While most people know that chemotherapy has only a very small chance of success, believe that unless something prescribe, the patient will go elsewhere and, in most cases (for allopathic medicine), is prescribed chemotherapy . We have to understand that this is their training.

Cancer Treatments – Is Chemotherapy Safe, Necessary Or Worthwhile?

Have you ever seen someone undergo chemotherapy? It is horrific. But the worst thing about it is that there is really no point in enduring all that suffering. Though chemotherapy has been the main treatment for cancer in the U.S. since the 1960’s, recent studies have shown that there may be no benefit at all to justify the misery caused by the chemotherapy. Studies show that about half of all cancer patients receive chemotherapy; and it helps only about 5% of those patients. In other words, all the facts on chemotherapy are in; and they suggest that you should seriously consider your alternatives.

In many cases, chemotherapy has actually caused a more aggressive spread of cancer than would have otherwise been expected; and chemotherapy directly attacks and weakens the immune system leaving the body open to further cancer spread and other health and immunity problems such as infections and pneumonia. As if chemotherapy weren’t a miserable enough experience, it seems that it might actually exacerbate cancer far more often than it seems to help. Some studies demonstrated that placebos were effective on cancer 6% or more of the time – making sugar pills look pretty good next to the poison that helps 5% of the time and inflicts suffering and misery 100% of the time.

You need to do the research yourself; but don’t simply look to one source and cling to it. Look to many sources; and consider the agenda behind the source. People who sell chemicals always say they are good for you, etc. Cancer is big business; and, unfortunately, that’s about all it is to those who control the market. There are many free and inexpensive alternatives for treating cancer and its underlying causes; but, the American Medical Association (AMA) works diligently persecuting and prosecuting anyone who comes up with a “non-traditional” cure for cancer – in other words, any cure the pharmaceutical companies don’t exclusively sell. The AMA is quick to respond to cancer cures; not to investigate their effectiveness, but to make sure people don’t start getting the idea that chemotherapy might not be such a great idea.

A recent study revealed that 81% of oncologists surveyed would not submit themselves or their families to chemotherapy due to its low success rates and high degree of complications and suffering. Unfortunately, doctors don’t have a lot of safe options when it comes to cancer; so they go along with convention – and the pharmaceutical industry – often to the detriment of the patient. Maybe it’s not in anyone’s best interest to cure cancer. But, if cancer is going to be cured, we aren’t going to do it by clinging to the least effective, most painful and barbaric approaches we’ve ever tried. Chemotherapy is just one of many alternatives; and there’s no reason to assume that it’s the best or most effective alternative available. Your health is your responsibility. Do your own research; and look into the many alternatives available for the treatment of cancer.

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